Friday, August 14, 2009

More Details

Thank you for all your patience! We have had a little delay on the details for the service project. It will be on Saturday morning from 9-11 and we will be providing muffins and drinks. YUMMY! We will meet at a church building, but there is a little delay with the confirmation, or the exact building. It will be in one near dads house, I will have an address for you just as soon as possible, SORRY!

There is a huge need for blankets for children and babies. We will be making blankets to help fill the part of that need. Can you ALL bring fabric 45x60? We will also need batting, scissors, pins, and at least 2 sewing machines. Will you PLEASE let me know who can do and bring what. If you have small quilting frames we can use this would make it easier to tie some of them. Also any suggestion or things that you can bring or do to help us get as many done in the 2 hours as possible.

In addition to the blankets if you can help us donate to the Child Crisis Center. They are in need of anything you would use for a baby. Wipes, diapers, onesies, bottles, binki's, socks, and anything else you can think of. We will have boxes there to put the donations in, so they can be delivered to the Center.

PLEASE call me is you have any questions and/or to let me know what you can bring to make the blankets.

See you all VERY soon
Love ya

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